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Miguel Najdorf

The last of the great Romantics, a boundless and wonderful old fool

About Najdorfl is said which is a nice curmudgeon, with high-sounding tone, accompanied by a Central European accent, confused, without influence, even after almost fifty years roll on Corrientes Street. Najdorf was born in 1910 and has Argentine chess to its highest point. Their individual and collective achievements have made him one of the leading chess players of this century was the Olympic runner representing Argentina and Poland, won eight times the national chess tournament and his world record of simultaneous games blind unsurpassed yet.

Miguel is the last of the great romantics of chess. He has competed in three Chess Olympiads. Born in Poland on a Jewish family. At 14 he became interested in chess Akiba Rubinstein was his teacher. Later as a teacher would also Savielly Tartakower. Since then mentioned my progress in chess was swift and Najdorf smiles.

In 1936 in the city of Munich, Poland achieved great success by winning the Silver Medal. Najdorf won the gold medal on his board, in 1939 he joined the Polish Olympic team that traveled to Argentina. The German invasion of their homeland, forced him to stay in Argentina.

Najdorf is one of the ten best players in the world, besides being considered, along with Reshevsky and Gligoric, as one of the best players in the West have been countless times champion Argentina. Has been a member of "The Rest of the World" that confronted the Soviet Union got a creditable draw with former world champion Mikhail Tahl (a lost game one and won two tables). Among his biggest wins are also tournaments in Amsterdam, Havana, "where he beat, among others, Spassky, and Mar del Plata. Najdorf game is creative and aggressive. Its strength lies in the middle game

Najdorf and his wife Genia in Warsaw

Al induce him to tell of his life says: Everyone already knows my history. I was born in Warsaw, studied, had a family, wife, daughter, father, mother, four brothers, came a week before World War II here in Buenos Aires and I lost all my loved ones, I was no relative. The war initiated by Germany also made chess as Susan Graf to stay in America. I was born twice without having gone through the requirement of death, the first, like everyone, and the second for 29 years, when I arrived in Argentina.

arrived in Argentina as part of Polish chess team to participate in the Tournament of Nations, today Chess Olympiads. Najdorf

lived hours of great anguish and grief at losing their loved ones at the hands of the Nazis

Chess taught me to lose up to Kasparov has lost to a machine. A broad smile lights up to this being kind and says: No champion who can not lose.

In the same tone of joking about his baldness, so smiling said: "I always said that every game you lose I drop a hair, imagine how many games I lost in my life "

The teacher says: One of my conditions was always to have a great memory. and clear: I have a privileged memory as to what, if I try to forget lend money on the spot.
Seriously, this has allowed me once to get the world record for simultaneous blind .. An interesting anecdote that tells the Najdorf: I was traveling and a passenger came up to me and say hello I could not remember, however, the passenger told me that he participated in a simultaneous exhibition and asked him after the board on which he participated, I remember the exact departure and the time in which I gave checkmate.

Anatoly Karpov said: Najdorf is a very nice person.

In 1950, when FIDE created the system of official titles, was one of the players who were recognized with the rank of International Grand Master. That same year he played in the Candidates Tournament for the world title, being in fifth place. Three years later, in Zurich Candidates Tournament of 1953 was sixth. Won major tournaments such as Mar del Plata (1961) and Havana (1962 and 1964) and as we have said previously participated in several Chess Olympiads representing Argentina, getting best result second place in Helsinki (1952). Despite his advanced age participated in the meeting of 1970 "USSR vs. Rest of the World", getting a draw with former world champion Mikhail Tal. . Once

, Najdorf played a tournament several days, was slumped in a chair in the hotel against which the player faced that evening. He wanted to encourage him and invited him to a glass chess
The depressed accepted delighted.

After a drink, came another and more. All paid Najdorf and felt guilty because he thought his opponent, more and more drunk, play this afternoon badly wrong. It was not so drunk most of the bill, made a formidable start and swept the board to Nadjorf.
Shortly before the auction, the drunk asked tables. "You ask me tables? I do not understand, you got it totally won, "said Nadjorf surprised. It is a way of thanking the cups that have paid me. I'm broke and I, if I do not drink, I play very badly. I see only after the third whiskey.
Another anecdote is this a prestigious suspended player during a game, see Miguel Najdorf
preguto: Who moves? L our chess, he said that black Najdorf said: This is won by white, "as he explained all the holes that had black and white unstoppable attack ravaging Black's weak defense "I think so, but I play with black chess player," he said. Ahhh!, Then black wins the Najdorf said. - I said it won the white teacher? Oh yeah?, What way? Then the consultant, I return to the conduct of white and tried to do everything that he had explained in his analysis Nadjorf to cripple black.
Surprise! Miguel found a play that was apparently the black top. This new analysis showed that the target did not win, but the black was left with more material and eventually to attack. The chess said, then he wins the black ... . "Depends .- said Najdorf - That way juegae Black ... Our character tries to make the black variant discovered by Michael Winning, and the same thing happened when I played with white, Najdorf found a ground move that threw all hope in the game, and won again with white. "Teacher, finally, who wins, the black or white? It depends, "replied the great Pole with a laugh, if I play with white, white wins, if I play with black, black wins.

is asked to polyglot (speaks eight languages), the organizer and promoter of chess in Argentina and worldwide, the owner of such phrases as: "You have not learned what I already forgot," "The time has never idle; I am always changing and always I have time "," First the idea, then move "," I once asked Einstein why not practiced chess and said: It is too difficult for me "as follows:

- Who teaches chess?

learned to play chess at age 9 with the father of a friend, a violinist with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra.

- What is the Chess for you?

¬ chess owe much . I'm still world champion blind items. I've played 45 games without seeing, which won 39, tied 4 and lost 2. This record is unsurpassed. My passion maximum it is chess after my family, formerly vice versa. Chess is a reflection of life.

"He had support for chess.

My family did not see with good eyes, which I dedicate to chess. And I graduated as a teacher in mathematics and gained third dashboard of my country by the year 1935, which took place right where I was born.

for me was the great Russian player Savielly

Governor Hans Frank in Poland whom I awarded the gold medal performance in the 1st smi Polish board in the Chess Olympiad in Munich 1936 was responsible for the extermination of all my family;

"The big names in chess opponents. Front

board there is no name, just consider the position.


When Boris Spassky offers a piece, should you choose to surrender there.


When It gives you a piece, then you would do well to continue playing, because the time could offer another, then another, and then ... who knows?

-La Familia.

The family is the most beautiful thing a man can possess. By participating I in Argentina, to which I owe both Germany declared hostilities had started the Second World War., And therefore several participants in these games we decided to stay to live in America. After the war returned to Poland where the most intense sadness and pain, finds that having lost my whole family in Poland, no one survive in Nazi concentration camps, neither my wife or my little girl of three years, and my father or my mother died four brothers, uncles and cousins. Then come back to Argentina, while forming a new and beautiful family, my wife had two daughters.

-A that was dedicated, in these days of uprooting.

Work for many years as an insurance agent.

-Playing in the dark.

The requirement is to have a good memory, I established in October 1943 the first world record for simultaneous games in the dark in the city of Rosario, 40 boards (+36 = 1 -3) that I wanted to show was that the German newspapers echoed this hiciesen action in order to send you a notice to my family and reconnect with them. But as we know it was useless. "That day

surpassed George Koltanowski who played 34 simultaneous in Scotland in 1937.

Yes indeed just that he did not recognize him, claiming that the event had not attended international representatives to verify So on January 25, 1947 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and with international representatives and 45 boards in front of me ( +39 = 4 -2) and 83 participants who were surveyed as they tired. The blind simultaneous exhibition beginning on 25 January at 21 and ended the next day at 19.40.

"On this occasion she broke her own record that meant holding positions 1440, 2880 and about 1800 squares plays. Miguel just smiles

- His record simultaneously?

250 boards (226 + 14 = 10 -)

"You aspire to be World Champion. Yes

and lost the opportunity when FIDE refused to meet with me the place to which he had renounced Reuben Fine in the 1948 tournament. Participate in two tournaments of candidates in Budapest (Hungary) finished fifth, and Zurich where he finished sixth.

"What has won tournaments.

In total 52 international tournaments: Hungary 1936, Buenos Aires 1941, Amsterdam 1950, Bled 1950, Havana 1962, Mar del Plata 1965, etc. Represented Poland at the Olympics in 1935, 1937 and 1939. Argentina defended boards in eleven Olympics from 1950 to 1976. Achieve three runners-up Chess Olympics in 1950, 1952 and 1954.

- Which has played World Champions? He defeated

Mikhail Botvinnik, Vassily Smyslov, Tigran Petrosian, Mikhail Tal and Bobby Fischer.

"You've written for the newspaper Clarín.

Yes, for many years, is a way of contributing to what this land has given me


During the match between Argentina and the USSR in Buenos Aires. I'd play with white against Bronstein. After beating the national anthems, President Perón approached the board and made the symbolic first move: 1.e4, to retire to applause. At the time I correct the president's movement, moving 1.d4. Surprised, Bronstein lme asked "How do you dare to correct the most representative of your country." We only answer you live a democracy and I will not play against the most open game specialist, David Bronstein, 1.e4, by general ignorance: it would give you an advantage.

-What are your openings.

Among my ideas is a variant of the Sicilian Defense, seems to me, one of the strongest for black. I have also made contributions to the theory and practice of other openings, such as King's Indian defense.

"Because he has written his biography.

I've tried only the memories are so painful I've proposed but has been useless. Eduardo
my therapist has talked with me for many hours, for months in these interviews document my life. All in folders, summaries, notes, which have been forgotten.


During the Olympiad in Buenos Aires in 1939, one night in a nightclub, I had a meeting with the champion Alexander Alekhine. As I approached the table and after our greeting, invited me to sit Alekhine remember ordered two bottles of imported whiskey.

- Sorry doctor, I said, to reach me with a cup.

- If you take it, finish it myself.

I try to remind you: With you I played three times and I have a favorable score by 2 to 1.

Alekhine, stared at me and stated:

- You lie played twice and the two were drawn.

- Do not replicate. In 1929 you gave a simultaneous in Poland, 30 games plus two blind ... in one of those was me.

- Thirty plus two blind items? Uncertain repeated Alekhine and then added "you were the one who sacrificed the tower in seven tower?.

Exactly, answered.

you!, You're right, Miguel Najdorf, Polish.

Do chess players are alone?

you say it is a mud who said that, in slang, is a mistake, a mistake committed by stupidity or ignorance. I devoted myself to teaching Chess by different cities. Najdorf
says "See all those people crossing the street? Well, I promise to teach them to play to them first class. I appreciate the ability Chess struggle against adversity that instilled in me since childhood, teaching me to accept defeat as an inseparable part of life. This game teaches, as few things, the great virtue of humility and overcome the setbacks and problems of life. It is therefore very necessary to the education of boys.
Chess builds character. So I see fundamental teaching in schools, colleges and university.

-Gens A Sumu.

Chess teaches us the deep sense of brotherhood and solidarity. There is nothing more beautiful than the fact that you and I English, Argentine and Polish Jew and a Hindu, if you were here, even with different beliefs, social, political and religious, and become part of one family, "Gens A Sumu ". This game teaches you not to hate Chess, in short, is an art of knights, where justice prevails.

"The tragedy.

pain of tragedy and loss you have to help cope with life, like a game, to mourn and lament not solve anything, man.

-Caissa is considered elected.

What a coincidence you should mention that to write a book of my life have to be chess, because I think as a player and is not a player thinks otherwise, I always call my memoir, "Caissa's son."

-does it feel to organize their tournaments?

A great joy. Our chess has come forward. We have many great masters. So I try to organize tournaments, back to my country what I have received. My family, by tradition, it will continue.

learned to play by his side. He was a humanist, a fine comedian, a man of great culture, an extraordinary human being in order, and a great man in all aspects.

-Being You're very young, we meet in a tournament played against a very skilled opponent and asked for advice
This was said more than I know, how I play him? ". Do not forget what the great teacher replied

"respectable, my dear Michael, respected." Not content

insisted and he said "He is a professional and defend their bread with their knowledge. For this study to refine and improve your game with you or from other lines. Do you want to win, right? ... Well ... there is no other path to follow classical ideas, and because you wear white, try to maintain balance until he makes a slip, wants to force, believing himself better than you and give you a chance. Do not ever do anything crazy, thinking more talented, because they invest their roles. The expert teachers dominate all positions and perceive any flaw. And when you think attacking, maybe he simply develop their pieces to give a lesson. " His eyes shine, and says: Well I got some tables

"That we can say of his life

I was lucky to start again, learning a new language, adapting to a new country. The best move I ever did was stay in Argentina. Here I formed my home, I married a lovely woman Adela. I have two daughters, Mirta and Liliana, and I have grandchildren ... When widowed form couples with Rita.

- What would be an appropriate climax to this interview?

I knew losing, but also, I had a very happy life. Chess is what gives me strength to keep living. I think the best game, yet I have not played.

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